Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Fun stuff to do with kids at Easter time

vintage postcard

"When I grow up
I want to be a little boy."

- Joseph Heller, Something Happened, 1974

Easter/Spring is the perfect time
to remind ourselves
that seeing life through
child-like eyes
is still okay!

kids photography tips by natgeo

"The reluctance to put away childish things
may be a requirement
of genius."

- Rebecca Pepper Sinkler

Remember when wanting to do 
was fun?

Well, let's do some fun things
this week!

...and don't be afraid to get a little messy!

This is a simple paper craft idea 
from Martha Stewart:

Ways to tailor this for different age groups:
If your child is comfortable with scissors, let her pick out the paper and help her draw the pattern for her to cut out. Making a 'master pattern' from the inside of cereal boxes helps guide the pencil lines.
Tiny tots?
Give them a sheet of card stock and those
wonderful 'dot' Bingo markers.
Let them make colorful dots all over the card stock for you to then cut into the shaped flower petals.

Just about any age group can help put a dot of glue in the center, and press the paper candy cup in place.  For those who can write,
let them add the name of each person at your holiday table and use these as place cards!

found on

Pastel Jelly Bean Topiary

You can find the tutorial at the above listed website address. My philosophy? 
Anything you do with jelly beans
is listed under
"fun activities"!!

Just try to remember:
the goal is NOT to see how many jelly beans you can eat in one sitting...
but how many jelly beans you can 
actually craft with!

found on

Pretty Spring Bunny Garland

Check out the link above for 'directions', but mostly it is a look at the photo and make your own!
The bunnies are drawn freehand.
Use a hold punch at the top of each ear to thread ribbon through.
You small children will have fun dipping cotton balls in craft glue, and sticking the tail on the bunny.
you can put a dot of glue on the bunny
and have your child squish a cotton ball on top of it.

Remember to save all the little punched holes
and add them to your 
Easter confetti egg decorations.

Bead Bunnies
found at FamilyFunMagazine:

You can check out their website,
or just look at the photo and make your own.

You will need:
pipe cleaners to match paint
wood beads in 2 different sizes
fine tip black marking pen for face
desired colors of acrylic paint to paint beads

I would suggest you put the wood beads onto a bamboo skewer to paint. You can then put the skewer over an open bowl/container for the paint to dry evenly.

How can your little ones help?
Have them stick themed stickers 
on the tummies of each bunny!
You can smooth over with a dab of Modge Podge if you want.

Have little ones thread the beads with a piece of pipe cleaner.
You can then bend them into ears and feet.

Older kids?
Have them use the permanent, fine point black marker
and add the name of each holiday guest.
Use bunnies as cute, you-can-take-them-home
place cards!

found on

Washi Tape eggs by Linda Gardner:

Go to the above link to find directions.
Or just look at the photo and say
"I can do that!"

The wrapped candies egg stands can be hot glued to the bottom of the egg if this is something you want to keep for display.

If not, I would skip the stands and just place in a pretty basket.

Don't forget, these eggs can be filled with small candy,
small toys, little animals or...

Little hands can practice fine motor skills by helping to fill each egg. Also, let them practice snapping the eggs together.

Older kids can easily tear off a strip of washi tape
and wrap around each egg.

I think I would add stickers, 
just because I think it would look festive!

Kenzo Kids fashion wear 2013

Let's not forget how fun paper dolls are!
I think, really, paper dolls are for
both boys and girls.

found on

Want to send this to someone other than a Grand daughter?
Place a sticky note over the desired words on the front.
Photocopy, and download.
You can then add any words you want in Paint program,
or stamp your own saying to layer over the words.
You can also 'erase' areas with Paint too.

Too complicated?
Ok, just stick a big ole' Holiday sticker over the words!

the Easter Egg Cart, part of the Easter Egg mural by Jan Brett

the Pavilion for the Easter Egg mural by Jan Brett

Are we having fun yet?!!

That's it for today!
'til next time,
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Monday, April 7, 2014

Yes! MORE Easter Egg fun!


vintage illustration

MORE Easter Egg fun today!!

watercolor and pen eggs by Alisa Burke

Ever optimistic,
I am now doing round 4 
of attempts to make Geode Eggs...
I will succeed......

(NO, those aren't my hoo)

Here is a very good tutorial I found online:

(NO, those aren't my eggs either...)

Here are some simple line and ink eggs:

Again, check out food safe alternatives if you plan on eating them...

What about using the water-in-the-barrel watercolor pens.
You could simply fill the barrel with water and food safe dye,
for a nice airbrushed watercolor effect..
that is totally edible.

I thought these eggs were so charming:

for sale at:

vintage illustration postcard

Here are some DIY egg terrariums.
You can find directions here:

My choice would be to add tiny dried flowers,
or those little silk ones...

courtesy Jan Brett - check out her wonderful website!

Noah's Ark Mural coloring page, Jan Brett

You can find a tutorial link for these
DIY Nail Polish Eggs

I read several tutorials from different crafters about the above 
Nail Polish Easter Eggs.

After reading them, I decided this one is NOT for me.
A big concern all had was about the
smell of the nail polish.
It also seemed like one of those really goopy kind of crafts,
not a favorite of mine, as you know!

But, if the idea intrigues you - go for it!

vintage Easter postcard

Next up are some really charming
'green' Easter Egg planters.

You can find the directions here:

Start out with fast growing wheat grass, a smidge of potting soil
and cardboard egg cartons.

After the grass has sprouted (see tutorial link above)
you place them inside the pre-colored egg shells.

The shells have been decorated/dyed
by using decals on the white shell,
then dying in a color bath.

Super cute I think! found on

So, are you sick of Easter Egg decorating yet???!!!

If not, put in my search blog box
Easter Egg
and you will find many more ways to have
Easter Egg decorating fun from my past blogs!

antique Easter postcard

Here is one more for today:

found on

This is a slightly different take on the Christmas ornaments that I used to make with my Mom and sister. We took round Styrofoam balls
- so for Easter use egg shaped
You can purchase small 'sequin' straight pins.
Gather a bunch of pretty sequins.

Anchor each sequin with one straight pin, pinned directly into the Styrofoam shape.
You can cover them, as shown in the photo above,
or you can make really fun patterns with swirls, dots, lines - whatever your imagination wants.

We found if a ball was completely covered with sequins, it made it heavy and the 'hanger' part pushed into the top wanted to come out way too easily, even when glue was applied.

That's when we started making patterns.
We also used cut out parts of doilies, anchoring them with straight pins, for really pretty and unique Christmas ornaments.

Since these are shown as just 'eggs' and don't appear to be meant to hang but to display in a pretty basket, you shouldn't be bothered with how 'heavy' the ornament is.

Send me your photos!!

...and because every holiday deserves a little mermaid...

'til next time!
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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Easter Egg Time


It's Easter Egg time again!

For the last 5 days I have been trying to 'grow' crystals inside egg shells for a 
faux geode look.

Apparently I am a miserable crystal grower!!


No, those are NOT mine.
Mine have NO CRYSTALS. Boo Hoo.
I am getting ready to start 

Geode Crystal Attempt #3


So, while I am waiting for crystals to grow...
or not to grow...
let's look at some other ideas for Easter Egg Decorating!

I found these pretty sequin wrapped eggs on etsy.
If you don't have the time or inclination to try these yourselves,
check out the web address above to purchase.

If you want to try some on your own, I would do this:
* Styrofoam egg shape
*sequins on a string, purchased by the foot or yard.
*Craft glue
* scrap of ribbon

Apply glue to egg, press string of sequins into glue. Set aside to dry. Add bow and ornament hanger to top with a straight pin.
You can easily cover up the top with a little rosette of ribbon or a circle scrap of pretty fabric to finish it off.

printable book mark
courtesy Jan Brett

This next Easter Egg decoration is so simple -
great for kids
and no messy dyes!

Confetti eggs
Using a hole punch, get out those scraps of leftover scrapbooking paper, and let the kids have fun!
Or, well, of course, you too!!
Use up that scrap of sparkle glitter paper!
After you have a pile of 'holes', get out the glue.
I love to use Scotch Brand Quick-Dry Tacky Adhesive.
It comes with a nice narrow tip for small work like gluing little dots of paper onto eggs.

This will also dress up nicely those dyed eggs that didn't quite 'make the grade' and need a little help.

Dot Eggs

part of a mural
courtesy Jan Brett

glitter Easter Eggs
found on

Glitter Easter Eggs
You can do this on those old plastic eggs,
or cover up Egg dying disasters.
Other options can be wood eggs,
papier mache eggs,
or blown eggs.

Find a bowl with a curved bottom, like a cereal bowl.
Generously pour in glitter.
Coat your preferred egg with an old brush and some craft glue.
Place in glitter bowl. Using a spoon, cover egg on all sides.
Using the metal egg dipper thingy that comes with egg dying kits, remove egg and place on a wire rack to dry.
Bald spots? Just go back with some glue and carefully dab the glue onto the bald spot. Spoon glitter over it. Press lightly with fingers. Wait for it to dry.

Great idea that I read somewhere:
Using the plastic eggs, open and put a fishing line across it, to come out on either side. Clamp shut. Use the fishing line as 'handles' to put in bowl, and remove from glitter bowl. This way you don't have to mess with glue-y fingers removing glitter!!

Thread Wrapped Easter Eggs

Be sure and check out the web sites I have listed beneath the Easter Egg photos. You will most likely find more complete directions there!!

These are thread-wrapped Styrofoam eggs.

needle felted duckling in 'pond'

Sharpie Easter Eggs
sorry, I don't have a 'where to do it' for these.
Do you?
There was some concern about the Sharpies and food safe to eat....

Rhinestone Easter Eggs
ala Martha Stewart

Moss covered Easter Eggs

These Easter eggs involve sheet moss,
craft glue and the base egg. I wouldn't use real eggs for these, as they would be inedible anyway.
I think the twine wrap with the button accent is way cute!!
Using the tiny twig nests/wreaths is also 
a super display idea.

Pressed Flower eggs

Use a dry, blown out real egg for these. Apply pressed florals using a decoupage technique. I would use Mod Podge, it is just a great, non-fancy decoupage glue. Check it out in the 'new' sparkle glitter formula!!

Decoupage Eggs
Use the same idea as above, only instead of dried florals, use napkins. You can find my Napkin Decoupage tutorial in a different blog. (Just type in tutorial in the search engine!)

Vinyl Sticker Eggs

You can find the tutorial/directions here:

Sprinkles Easter Eggs

I think these are soooo pretty!
I found the sprinkles at Jo-Ann Fabrics at 40% off,
I bet you can find them on sale too.

There's a tutorial at the above addy.

Here's a cute way to display your fancy eggs:

1989 ceramic planter

Rubber Cement resist Eggs
Rubber Cement Egg

Rubber Cement is a natural for resist!
Drizzle on plain eggs, or use a light colored egg.
Dip eggs in dye bath.
Remove, let dry, or pat with a paper towel to dry.
Rub off the rubber cement and reveal the color underneath.

Shaving Cream eggs

Making Shaving Cream Eggs

Teaching mama has the tutorial on her website for these.
Since I don't like getting my fingers/hands messy I would never do these! But if you don't mind glopping around in shaving cream and food coloring - go for it!

Angela also gives her way to boil the perfect egg.
Since I live in a high altitude place, we have to boil our eggs a tad longer to get them to come out 'perfect'.

Well, I hope you have found a couple of new ways to dye your Easter eggs,
and to make this time of year

No kids?
Ask a neighbor child (with parents' permission of course), check with your church Sunday School/child ministry leader for kids with inactive parents,
or be a Big Brother or Big Sister.
There are lots of kids out there that would LOVE
to help you make some eggs Easter-worthy!

Why not visit a shelter that helps families with children, and invite them all over for a fun Easter get together.
There are always ways to include others...

vintage illustration

'til next time,
and on pinterest:  K.Kloberdans

"Nantucket with rabbit"
original Collage Art Doll by inkspired